Manono NorthEast

The Manono Northeast Project is comprised of two exploration permits, PR’s 15282 & 14537, and lies 7km northeast of the northern extension of the Manono pegmatites which host AVZ’s 669Mt at 1.61% Li2O. Both tenements are covered by a thick sandy soil cover which is generally thicker than 6m in a similar setting which led to the discovery of the Manono pegmatites. The Manono pegmatites which were strongly mineralized in spodumene and tin (roughly 800ppm Sn) were only identified once Belgian open pit, alluvial tin mining operations reached much deeper levels.

The Company has completed reconnaissance mapping and sampling on the project area and has identified small scale alluvial tin workings with pegmatitic boulders from two areas on PR 15282. The workings lie adjacent to granitic outcrop in the east in a similar setting to the Manono workings. The tenements further have potential to host more than 10km of strike should pegmatites continue onto the project area.  

Grab samples from the workings reported lithium grades of up to 400ppm Li and tin grades up 1,815ppm Sn.

AJN received all drilling permits and commenced the RAB drilling programme early Q1, 2024.